Kerner's Topology Optimization Solutions

Topology optimization has been available as an analysis solution option for a significant amount of time. It is an invaluable tool to create load path ideas and high strength to weight structures when properly setup. What is bringing it to the forefront is the current trend of "lightweighting " by several transportation OEMs. You're all familiar with the Boeing 787, the very recent Ford F150, Honeywell Aerospace and Polaris Industries. Each of these are examples of the application of optimizations influencing lighter weight final products without compromising strength or durability. I have been creating and running optimizations for over 12 years with a few of the available commercial optimization softwares. I've settled on using Altair® Optistruct® and solidThinking Inspire® as my tools of choice. With these tools, I have created many solutions that have met and/or exceeded both weight and stiffness to weight targets. I am offering these same opportunities to prospective clients as a means to reduce concept to design verification time as this stage of development.

Adding to my analysis resume, I've been performing FEA with several brand name softwares and have settled on Altair products Hyperworks suite. I enjoy working on several different types of analyses ranging from simple Linear Static problems to Non-Linear Buckling with or without Symmetry conditions, Hyperelastic Rubber modeling using implicit and explicit solvers, and Convective and Conductive heat transfer. Structural Dynamics such as Normal Modes, Pre-Stressed Modals, Direct Frequency Response and Harmonic analyses are in the scope of the types of problems I solve. Gear Contact stress and patterns are bit more difficult but are a good challenge that I have done several times and feel comfortable performing them. With nearly 24 years of experience of Design and Analysis experience, I have pretty good insights into transforming good ideas into better ones that should meet design verification requirements with minimal downstream changes.

Available Solutions

-Topology Optimization

-Conceptual Modeling

-Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

-Linear Static

-Non-linear static and quasi-static; implicit and explicit solutions

-Dynamic Analysis including Normal Modes, Pre-Stressed Modals, Direct Frequency Response, Harmonic Analysis

-Gear Tooth Contact

-Hyperelastic; rubber

-Buckling; linear and non-linear large displacement

-2D and 3D Thermal Analysis

-Reverse Engineered load case and boundary condition development



-Recreational Vehicles

-Ag Equipment

-Construction/Heavy Equipment