About Me

Hi, my name is Rick Kerner and I'm excited about taking on a new challenge like this. I've been in the engineering field since 1994 and have over 29 years in helping companies create exciting products. Before I got into engineering, I worked on cars for a little over 12 years which gives me a great perspective into the real world outcome of our products.

On the technical side, I started using multi body dynamics programs in 1996 with United Defense and progressed to FEA in 1999 at Polaris Industries. With 24 years on the analytical side of projects, I have gained significant experience in a variety of problems. My favorite discipline is the combination of concept development through topology optimization. I also have accumulated significant experience with High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC), forgings, nodular cast iron, stampings, injection molding and a few other forms of component manufacturing so I can provide counsel on how to apply a process that fits piece part count and budgets. Using my experience and skills, I can help translate blank napkins into feasible, manufacturable designs that are ready for design verification.

You can dig a little deeper into my background by checking me out on LinkedIn